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Whether in our professional or personal life, we are all confronted with conflict. Conflict has always been with human kind and can be a source of destruction or an opportunity for construction. It all depends on how we approach and deal with conflictual situations. If you want to improve the way you deal with conflict and and its ourcome, join us for meetings and workshops.

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Exploring personalities that can wreck your life


I am happy to satisfy the requests of a few members of the group to do a rerun of the “people who can wreck your life” session.

In this session we will touch up on some of the discernable clues that should raise red flags in your mind. We will look at some common behavioral patterns of conflictual personality types and the warning signs for spotting them early on. With this information it is then up to you to avoid them or to deal with them if you choose to.

The objective of this first session is to provide valuable information through examples and case studies and to engage in constructive discussions so that you feel more confident in dealing with this kind of situations in the future.

Join us for this informational session that can save you from months and years of frustration, heartache and agony.

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Topic: People who can wreck your life
Time: Dec 8,[masked]:00 PM Paris

I look forward to seeing you.


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Dealing with people who can wreck your life

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