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Brussels Changemakers is a community of people interested in driving positive social change. This is an open group for both emerging and established leaders working within existing organisations or creating new ventures, either nonprofit or for profit with a social mission. The focus is on sharing experiences, learning new skills and meeting great folks!

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The Power of Meaning

Institut of Neurocognitivism

So many people don’t really trust their organization anymore, several are disengaged, other suffer from burn-out, some just don’t have the drive anymore during their everyday life. Shouldn’t we try to understand what is happening? ​ Needs, motivations and meaning tend to be mixed in our quest for happiness. But should we aim for a happy life or a meaningful life? Vincent De Waele is a facilitator of change towards more ‘meaning’ in organizations, both on a collective level and on an individual level. He developed a programme called ‘Sense+’ aimed at helping people find meaning in their daily professional life. His experience in accompanying individuals over the years has laid the foundation for this interactive workshop which will touch several concepts around happiness, different motivational systems, values and some practical steps towards a more meaningful life. Fee:15€

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Pour une écologie spirituelle

l'auditorium Jacques Brel situé sur le campus du CERIA

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