Brussels php January 2016 meetup

This is a past event

13 people went


This time we will have the pleasure to receive Gilbert West. He will talk about "Using PHP tools to kickstart your side project".

Gilbert West is a web application developer who as he says, has been building things on the web since the 20th century. He has worked in several startups and was a startup coach for the MIC Boostcamp. He'll take us on a quick tour of useful tools that can get you up and running with your side project or startup so that you can actually start showing the product to people.

And as always, we will have some time to discuss afterward.

We are still looking for a company that would sponsor us, if you know anyone don't hesitate to pass the word.

There will be swag, some extra surprise and if you want to keep talking a little bit longer there is a bar at the corner of the block were we can migrate.

Please take a moment and come over to the page to register for the group and RSVP for the meeting -- it will only take a moment and will help us make certain that we have enough food, swag, seating, etc. for the group. Even if you can't make it to the meeting (and we really hope that you can!), please register so that we can keep you posted as new events are planned.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Michael Simonson