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Dear Ladies,

Do you need to take a break from your routine life?
Would you like an opportunity to just be yourself and to let go of all the roles yourself, people and society are putting on your shoulder for a while?
Do you want to allow yourself to enjoy a nice cup of tea, have an interesting chat or even just do nothing for a moment?
All of this without feeling guilty about it and in a safe place which allows you to share impressions, exchange with others if you feel like it?

I have personally aimed for that regularly last several years without finding the space for it.
Since I cannot find what I need, I have decided to shape and create it myself.
Therefore, I initiate this meetup ‘Bubble with me ’.

A dedicated moment of pure bliss with myself offered to me by me- the best kind of it.
What is best than enjoying a nice moment? This is to share it with it other people in the same mindset.

I offer you a timeslot for yourself in a nice cosy place. Book your agenda and let's meet on comfy couch or around a nice cup of tea...or whatever else feels right.

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