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This is a support group for developing people who develop other people. You can be a coach, a trainer, a therapist, it doesn't matter, as long as your work is to accompany other people in their development.
Join us if you want to experience being part of a community where we exchange ideas, support each other, and come up with new ways to stand by the ones who count on us.

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L&D Challenges - Knowledge Sharing

Adore Me

Many of us are facing quite some challenges in this broad field of Learning & Development. Let's address them, and see how we can support each other to overcome them, by sharing our knowledge. *How to prepare for this meetup?* Think about your experience in L&D as a trainer, coach, or facilitator, and identify that one challenge that gives you a hard time. Did you find it? Good. Now write it down somewhere (or remember it) and bring it to the table during this meetup. *What will happen next?* The ones with experience in that matter will announce themselves and you will form a small discussion group so they can share their experience with you, hopefully supporting you to overcome the obstacle you're facing. *Who will be there?* Our group consists of many L&D Professionals, some with more than 10 years experience, some just starting now, so there is a very good chance you will find the answers you're looking for, or at least an idea of a way out. *How much for this?* Well, not much. In fact, there's just a fee of 20 RON for snacks and drinks. We're here mainly to support each other :) See you there! Cheers, Bogdan

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L&D Professionals Kick Start

Education Point

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