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Women's Self Defence Course - 1 or 2 days?
Hey guys, I'd like to organize a self defense class but I wanted to get a feel of how many would be interested... really interested. I believe it's super important that all woman learn the skills to protect themselves... but I think it's one of those things that we want to do, we know we should do but just never get around to actually doing. Since its a women's only course I would need someone to volunteer to host. I would set up the event, answers comment questions before the event and be there to greet everyone at the beginning of the course. You would need to be there for the group the rest of the time. What you need to do as a host. 1. Be nice to the group. 2. Be the go to for any questions members have during the course. 3. Bring the group out to a pub or restaurant for lunch during and/or dinner afterwards (I will make a reservation close to the venue chosen) The cost will be approximately $75 for 1 day and $150 for 2 days. I hope you're in the mood to kick some ass and finally check this off your bucket list. Dutch[masked] It's All Happening!

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What we're about

Please join us in creating a life we are happy we lived, not a life that passed us by. Join us in finally turning those “I want to do that” into “I've done that”. I started this group because my friends stopped doing fun stuff but I wanted to continue living life to the fullest.

Does this sound familiar?

Question: “So what did you do this weekend?” Answer: “Not much”

Wouldn’t it be nice to say “I went there, I did this and I saw that” all with a great group of people that have the same lust for life as you do. How many times have you looked back on a day and realize that you wasted it away... never able to get that time back again. Lets stop... together!

Think about it for a moment. What’s on my bucket list and how will I go about checking them off. For most of us these are things that we've thought about doing for years. It’s not about doing stuff before you die but about doing things while you’re still able to do them. My now 87 year old mom once said to me "My mind tells me I can still run up those stairs but my body won't let me" Don't wait until your body says stop.

In addition to bucket list items, we will also be doing many other activities in and around the Toronto area to get us out of the house and meeting great people. biking, hiking, skating, tobogganing, movies, dinners, drinks, live music etc. etc.

Everyone has those grand bucket list items that cost a fortune to pull off, like setting foot on each continent or climbing the pyramids but what about the ones we can do right here in our city. There are items on my bucket list that cost nothing to do but I just haven’t done them yet. I want too!

This group isn’t so much about goals to be ticked off but an outline taking shape of a life well lived. What's the point of creating a bucket list if you're not going to take action in order to achieve it?

When I eventually leave this world I want to be known as the person who lived, not the person that died.

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP… On the signup page I will ask you what are 3+ things on your personal bucket list? Please don’t just put “a bunch of stuff” or “I’m up for anything”. The reason I’m asking is because I will be compiling the lists and coming up with some meetups that the group will actually want to do. Even if you want to learn how to ride a bike or how to swim or even keep a hoolahoop in the air, enter it. Someone else will certainly want to do it as well.

If you already have a list in your phones notes or a file on your computer email it to me at

Thanks for actually reading this :-)

See you soon. Dutch



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