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It seems many members have their notifications turned off, and did not get my email. For this reason, I will paste it here, while keeping Dutch's original words about the site below:

Hello to all members of Bucket List Toronto,

I am writing with some somber news regarding Peter “Dutch” Schouten, who started this group so many years ago.

On Wednesday March 27th 2019, he passed away suddenly in his Toronto home at the age of 53.

Other than his children, I think Bucket List Toronto was his greatest love. It brought such joy to him to help people do amazing things with other incredible people. Dutch was wacky. Dutch laughed out loud. Dutch was a beacon of fun and adventure. You couldn’t help but laugh and love with him.

As well as being a close personal friend, I worked with Dutch on numerous BLT events over the years – and I too find great joy in getting people together to do amazing things. It is his family’s wish to keep this group going to honour him and to continue this great thing he started. I (along with a couple other key members) will do our best to make him proud and keep the fun going!

I would like to create a book for his kids and grandson that shows just how many lives he touched through this group If you have any comments, memories or thanks you would like to share, please send them to me or post in the discussions so I may include them in a collection.

• Did he help you meet friends in the city?
• Did he help you face a fear?
• Did he show you that you can do something you never thought you’d do?
• Or did he simply make you laugh with one of his corny jokes?

Any thoughts and memories are welcome!

I know there is a skydiving event planned for June. I will sort out what needs to be done to make sure this still runs as planned. Please give me some time to figure it out – I will update as I receive information. If you are scheduled to attend and feel I should know anything, please contact me..

We are all devastated by the loss of this amazing man, but we hope to keep his spirit alive by enjoying every second of our time on this earth. Look out for updates and new events, as we get them planned.

Thanks for being such a big and important part of Dutch’s life.


“When I eventually leave this world, I want to be known as the person who lived, not the person that died.” - Peter “Dutch” Schouten


Please join us in creating a life we are happy we lived, not a life that passed us by. Join us in finally turning those “I want to do that” into “I've done that”. I started this group because my friends stopped doing fun stuff but I wanted to continue living life to the fullest.

Does this sound familiar?

Question: “So what did you do this weekend?” Answer: “Not much”

Wouldn’t it be nice to say “I went there, I did this and I saw that” all with a great group of people that have the same lust for life as you do. How many times have you looked back on a day and realize that you wasted it away... never able to get that time back again. Lets stop... together!

Think about it for a moment. What’s on my bucket list and how will I go about checking them off. For most of us these are things that we've thought about doing for years. It’s not about doing stuff before you die but about doing things while you’re still able to do them. My now 87 year old mom once said to me "My mind tells me I can still run up those stairs but my body won't let me" Don't wait until your body says stop.

In addition to bucket list items, we will also be doing many other activities in and around the Toronto area to get us out of the house and meeting great people. biking, hiking, skating, tobogganing, movies, dinners, drinks, live music etc. etc.

Everyone has those grand bucket list items that cost a fortune to pull off, like setting foot on each continent or climbing the pyramids but what about the ones we can do right here in our city. There are items on my bucket list that cost nothing to do but I just haven’t done them yet. I want too!

This group isn’t so much about goals to be ticked off but an outline taking shape of a life well lived. What's the point of creating a bucket list if you're not going to take action in order to achieve it?

When I eventually leave this world I want to be known as the person who lived, not the person that died.

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP… On the signup page I will ask you what are 3+ things on your personal bucket list? Please don’t just put “a bunch of stuff” or “I’m up for anything”. The reason I’m asking is because I will be compiling the lists and coming up with some meetups that the group will actually want to do. Even if you want to learn how to ride a bike or how to swim or even keep a hoolahoop in the air, enter it. Someone else will certainly want to do it as well.

If you already have a list in your phones notes or a file on your computer email it to me at dutch@bucketlisttoronto.com

Thanks for actually reading this :-)

See you soon. Dutch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BucketListTO/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BucketListTO

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Skydive Toronto


PAYMENT PLAN DETAILS FOUND BELOW Hey guys, Skydiving is one of the reasons I started this group and it was the first event I organized. I really wanted to experience the thrill of jumping out of a plane but my friends had either already done it or just didn't want to. So I started a group and jumped with some new friends. Since over 30% of you are still filling this in as one of your top 3 bucket list items... we're going again. It's kinda early to be thinking about summer activities but I'm hoping with a payment plan it will give as many as possible the opportunity to take part this unbelievable experience. It's hard to describe how amazing it feels to fall through the air at 120km an hour... then floating back to earth like a bird. Wow!!! You can even ask to control your flight down. And if you're up for it, ask your instructor for the roller coaster and spiral experience. It's so much fun! We'll be heading just north of the city for an incredible fun filled day. Tandem skydiving is today's best method of introducing newcomers to the sport of skydiving. It's a safe and easy way of experiencing freefall on your very first jump, without the need of lengthy instruction. Yes safe! You'll be jumping in tandem, safely strapped to a certified instructor for the ride of your life. This will take about 3 hours if all runs smoothly. Unfortunately I am unable to give you an exact end time as there are many factors that influence the time. Mostly it's because of the weather. We may need to wait for the high winds, low clouds or even the rain to pass. They will not send us up if it's not safe. I bring a Frisbee, baseball glove and a small football to pass the time... so if you want to bring your own glove or some cards as well, please do. Total cost for this experience is $337.87. Because the cost is rather high and I want everyone to experience this amazing feeling I will offer a payment plan... $50 down and $50 every 2 weeks until paid in full. Hopefully this will help some of you to finally check this off your list. To secure your spot via PayPal or credit card just click on the Yes tab under... Are you going? You can also send me an etransfer for your deposit. The additional payments can be made via etransfer to [masked]. Security answer for etransfers is: skydive. I'll need to add your rsvp from my end after receiving payment. If you decide to get pictures and/or video you can add them when you arrive the day we jump. If you're in need of carpooling just add a comment below... there's always someone willing to help out. If you're able to drive please do the same. PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE make final carpool arrangements through the message tab in the members profile. Don't forget to exchange cell numbers. Hope to see you there. Dutch[masked] [masked] It's All Happening Please like and follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bucket-List-Toronto/1394183220851139)

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