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Bring your iPhone, iPad or Mac projects and come code with us! We hang out, code, chat about what's happening in our #ObjC community.

Interested? Be sure you RSVP. Seating is limited. This fills up fast!

Generally someone brings food. Sometimes a cold beer or two is involved.
There are no presentations scheduled. That is not what this meeting is all about. It is about *code*. That said, if you'd like to give a presentation, please, by all means do so. Merely show up and do it. If presentations are your thing check out the Cocoaheads meetings at http://buckeyecocoa.org/

Any "level of knowledge" can attend. From newbie to veteran-scarred programmer.

These meetings are at Sandbox Gahanna. Map and more info is on the BuckeyeCocoa website.

Follow us on Twitter! @BuckeyeCocoa (https://twitter.com/#!/Buckeyecocoa/)

For more information: http://buckeyecocoa.org/

For the sky-closings entrance:

New entrance: back of next building west side, go upstairs , real nice office.

When you enter, head right, end of hallway, turn left, all the way straight ahead to the meeting room.