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You are inspired by Henry Chapman Mercer and you can't pass an old Stone Bucks County house without wondering whether it was built in the 1750's or 1830's. You are curious to learn more about the historical richness of our heritage, or you have much to share regarding the history of your home, or your forebears that you believe others should know. Are you a direct descendant of Pheneas Pemberton? related to Margarete Meade? Are you Lenape? Would you enjoy learning about the rich historical legacy Bucks County, or sharing your story? This group is for people who like to discuss history and ask questions. From Architecture to New Hope School Painters, from colonial history to the cold war, from the Walking Purchase to "Dump the Pump." Bucks County has a rich cultural history and mythology. Are you a Historian who wants to share your research, or have a day job who wants to know if George Washington really did sleep here. Our group meets monthly to discuss a historical topic. We will have a presentation and discussion. The goal is to add detail to the topic through the collective knowledge of the group. Maybe there are some stories that haven't been told.

We will set a date and place for our first meeting. We will develop a calendar of topics and seek to recruit presenters. Please indicate your interests and are of expertise (optional) upon joining.

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Pearl S. Buck - Bucks County History Meetup

520 Dublin Rd

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