QA 2.0 - Being responsible for engineering quality with Grant Ammons

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QA 2.0

In this talk, I focus on how "QA" has turned into a loaded word. Engineering leaders should be wary of creating departments where a "wall" can exist, that the work of quality can be thrown over.

Ultimately, engineers need to be responsible for quality, and there needs to be a strong culture of quality in order to make that happen.

Things that can add to this culture of quality are peer code reviews, testing plans crafted by engineers, staging walkthroughs, and keeping the team around for deploys and maintenance of the feature they launched.

Testers can assist engineers bring quality to their work, but they should not be thought of as a replacement for an engineering culture of quality.

About the presenter

Grant Ammons is the VP of engineering at PipelineDeals, a successful and growing CRM company, where he leads 3 teams of developers. PipelineDeals engineering employs many highly talented developers, and Grant's teams are pushing the bar forward in terms of successfully utilizing technology to achieve business goals. More info about PipelineDeals Engineering endeavors are on their blog, (

Triumph Brewery

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