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!!!TOTAL PARTY KILL!!! That's right, the bloodthirsty cannibals crushed the entire party of would be heros. After their ignominious defeat, they were thrown to the ghouls and transformed into the latest generation of undead to haunt the island. Now the dwarves of the eisenherz clan fled their home centuries ago by passing through a mystical portal that led to the land of Nex. The wizards of Nex saw the non magical and, even worse, the magic resistant dwarves, as both disgusting and a threat, and tried to annihilate the them. In a strange twist, the dwarves found shelter in the necromantic nation of Geb. After generations of prosperity under the rule of the necromancers, the dwarven elders have begun to fear that the same evil that drove them from their ancestral home, is coming to their new home.