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Dear Members,

This Meetup Group invites You to join and play your own creativity by following a wonderful journey with author Julia Cameron and her book.

I have read and went through on this book's texts, practices, writing exercises to arouse my creativity from it's light sleep. I assure you, it is a fantastic journey which gives better self knowledge, deeper confidence, honest openness, colored art for the lifestyle.

Author Julia Cameron guides the reader through her/his way of awaking the inner CREATIVITY by helping revealing clogs laying on it. Exercises through the seminar book deal with searching, understanding, caring, refreshing, redressing our inner capacities and takes down several well been unpleasant feelings, judges of ours.
By doing our "home works" we are able to reach lighter days, less barriers, more success. She gives a branch of ideas and many detailed tasks to follow. Everyone becomes her student for 12 weeks.

For the beginning:
The Meetup Group is to do through The Artist's Way, so all interested members shall get the book in advance as a preparation for the meetings.

What we are going to do?
We are reading the book's certain chapters previously, prepare the described exercises than share and talk through the job we have done. We may ask direct questions to each other sequentially.

How we start?
By our first meeting we will all have read the book's first, introduction part on which we change ideas, impressions, thoughts. By all means anyone can read ahead. We discuss next meeting's part, the first week's guided chapter. I describe the book and it's way of work. The related online seminar videos will be shown to you by me. The videos are from the author's own webinar page.

Than what?
After the first meeting we start with the weekly chapter's of the book. In advance everyone makes the "home works" and prepares her-/himself for our upcoming meeting, on by own. And we share our feelings, experiences, ideas, thought, questions on the weekly exercises we have done at home. And we go on for the next 12-week's trek. We continuously check the Julia Cameron's video of messages and guidance.

Naturally, as written, I am showing the video course of the book on each of our meetings. So all of us will reach the authors professional leading!

If you are interested:
Click on becoming a member so that I know who joins. Please search for the book: The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron. Get the book, start to read until our first meeting. Start writing in the mornings as the book suggests you to do so. Prepare with ideas, thoughts, open questions, comments.
Come and welcome ourselves on our 13-week trek through our creative kingdom. ;-)

Please note:
If you started the 12- week creativity track, for the group's integrity pls follow it through, do not absence or leave the group. Everyone will miss you.

Thanks, and looking forward meeting you all in our meetings,

Lili Sztermen

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