Positive Psychology Meetup #6: How to Forgive & Let go

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Eiffel Bistro & Bar

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78 · Budapest

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When you walk in we are on the left side of a long sofa under a big TV screen.

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Forgiveness can be challenging, especially when the offending party offers either an insincere apology or nothing at all. However, it’s often the healthiest path forward, allowing us to acknowledge the wound, understand the other party’s perspective, and process our emotions in non-hurtful ways. Forgiving another person is one thing, but what happens when we commit the offense ourselves? It’s important to take responsibility for mistakes, but intense guilt and shame aren’t good for anyone in the long run.

Have you found it hard to forgive others?

Have you found it hard to forgive yourself for the mistakes in the past?

Do you always keep that hatred / anger / revenge in heart? And has it been helping you or destroying you in the long run?

And most importantly, how to let go?

Find your answers this Thursday by joining us in an eye opening discussion with a group of like-minded people, with a bit help from science of Positive Psychology.

[[ Purpose of the meetup ]]

To help you find the ultimate happiness & fulfillment in life with a science-based approach.

This MeetUp focuses on happiness, wellbeing, flourishing, what makes life worth living, achieving goals, self-discovery, positive impact on others, building positive communication and relationships, resilience, mindfulness, flow and engagement, meaning, playfulness, strengths and positive emotions.

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[[ Who is it for? ]]

Do you miss that deep conversation you couldn't have with your friends because they are interested in very different things?

Do you want to spend an evening in a meaningful & fruitful way and learn something useful, or get inspired by like-minded and open-minded people?

Do you want to make some new friends with similar interests and discover the crowd you actually belong to ?

Do you want to find out how to build a more positive and fulfilling life?

Or are you passionate about Personal Development, Self-Discovery, achieving goals, interpersonal communication, Psychology or life wisdom in general ?

Then this is the right meetup for you!

[[ Programs: ]]

1. Introduction: We'll start with a short introduction of the Meetup's mission and topic of the day.

2. Discussions: Then we will have facilitated discussions / mini workshops in group settings to share our experiences and thoughts on the day's topic. Everybody is encouraged to share their personal perspectives on the topic so that we can learn from different opinions to broaden our views.

Then we will reveal the scientific knowledge behind the topic, so that you can see what's missing in your own approach and how to improve yourself with the science of Positive Psychology.

Detailed guidance will be given at the meetup.

3. Networking: finally we end with informal talks, so that you can have even deeper conversation on a personal level with other members. Hopefully we can all make some new friends !

[[ Venue & Fee: ]]

The event is FREE. We kindly encourage you to purchase a drink from the venue to show our appreciation for them allowing us to use their space and taking care of us.

When you walk in we are on the left side of a long sofa under a big TV screen.