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A következő BURN meetupra rendhagyó módon a Budapest BI Meetup keretein belül kerül sor. Az angol nyelvű esemény rövid leírását lentebb olvashatjátok.

The next BURN meetup will be a special meetup hosted by the Budapest BI meetup. International Python and R experts will give short talks.

Participating partner meetups: Budapest BI meetup (, Budapest Users of R Network (BURN) meetup (, Budapest.Py meetup (

List of speakers:

Pokemon and Starcraft
In this short talk I'll demo two quick analyses that allowed me to make better decisions in video games. I'll demonstrate how to calculate an optimal portfolio of Pokemon as well as a defence selector for StarCraft 2: nexus wars.
Vincent Warmerdam, GoDataDriven (

Python's High Performance Landscape
A short review of Python's high-performance-computing landscape by the author of O'Reilly's High Performance Python book focusing on CPU-bound and RAM-bound processing problems
Ian Ozsvald, (

Intro to NumPy
The numpy package takes a central role in Python data science code for numerical processing.This is mainly because numpy code has been designed with high performance in mind. This short talk will highlight the most essential features of numpy by discussing some concrete examples where numpy takes a central role.
Valerio Maggio, University of Salerno (

Rango - Databases made easy
Rango is a package that makes it easy to use relational databases directly from R and without a line of SQL (an Object Relational Mapper in tech-speak).Rango creates joins automatically and optimizes where possible, the same code works on multiple database back-ends.
Willem Ligtenberg, Open Analytics (

In-memory analytics on JSON-like data
This talk gives an overview of techniques for data structures for efficient analysis of semi-structured (e.g. JSON) data.
Wes McKinney, Cloudera (

Planned schedule:
18:30 Doors Open
19:00 Talks
19:45 Break
20:00 Talks
21:00 Meetup finishes

This is an English speaking event. Venue and catering will be provided by the Budapest BI Forum (