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The Budapest Quantified Self Meetup is inspired by the Bay Area Quantified Self meetup and the Quantified Self blog. We are looking QS-ers to discuss and share these topics: * self measurement and tracking * integral coaching using integral applications * self-experimentation * using data and statistics to further self-experimentation * behavior monitoring, tracking, and modification (including studying habit forming and breaking) * life-logging, lifecaching, and lifestreaming * location tracking * generating, capturing, and working with biometric data * psychological self-assessments * medical self-diagnostics and keeping track of one's own medical data Our main focus is to create an automatic tracking system with biofeedback sensors. Good source of inspiration: QS Blog (http://www.quantifiedself.org) Come one, come all, and feel free to write in with thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the meetup.

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Budapest QS Meetup #07May2014

Prezi House of Ideas

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