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Welcome! This meetup group is especially for the professionals around the San Francisco Bay Area*.

Most of us spend a lot of our time focused on our outer well-being, keeping track of building our professional life and taking care of our home and social life. But we don’t take much care of our own ‘inner life’. We feel we are focused on the right quadrants for a happy life, but we all have the shared experience that life continues to have many ups and downs. All of our best coping strategies are found to be temporary. Our happiness is fleeting and unpredictable. We may spend our whole life working toward obtaining an outer goal to make our lives happy. Getting the next promotion, increasing our outer comforts, and eventually retiring happily. We work very hard all our life for all these outer expectations and goals, but maybe in all our busyness we never get the chance to live from our hearts - - to live a meaningful life. Before we know it we are too old to do all the meaningful things we worked so hard to give ourselves time to do later in life. Life is unpredictable; our life is precious and should be meaningful, emanating from the inside out.

This meetup group allows professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area time to contemplate our lives from a totally different angle than we usually do. Buddhism teaches you how to cultivate your inner mind. If you cultivate your inner mind, you can find the causes of stability, happiness and peace. You can find the best way to navigate and guide your life so that the outer and inner life are all functioning well and in harmony. You can wake yourself up from your numb routines, and let your inner heart be the root of your life.

Welcome to our meetup. All of our meetings are under the guidance and instruction of our Lama Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche, world renowned teacher of Manjushri Buddha Dharma Lineage Center.

We look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Manjushri Buddha Dharma Lineage Center

* If you are a professional who lives outside of the San Francisco Bay Area: You can still connect to most of these meetup group public events, as well as our Dharma Center private in-person events, by connecting to us via live video webcast. We also have a world-wide contemplation teaching forum online for students to learn together internationally. While we use technology to give everyone a chance to connect, we are also very personable and all help each other. Please send a private message to learn more.

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Introduction to Buddhist Study & Practice

*Online video webcast from our home

Wednesday 7:30~Buddhism for Professionals

*Online video webcast from our home

Tuesday 7:30~Buddhism for Professionals

*Online video webcast from our home

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