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Are you a dancer? Serious or just for fun, well, do we have an exciting meet-up for you! Our location will be at Canisius College, every Thursday evening at 7pm! Our meet-up will involve you putting on a new piece of wearable technology that was invented here at Canisius College! It involves sensors that are embedded in soles of shoes allowing you to produce melodic sounds as you make move and dance. We are capable of hosting numerous dancers at a time, so feel free to come on in and please don't be shy! We are very excited to have you here with us.


If you click on the link, it will provide you with a good idea of what we do over here and how fun it will be! If you are strapped for time, feel free to check out the second video in the link to get right down to the action :)

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Let's meet up and dance!

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Let's meet up and dance!

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