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ASP Explore Series - Mt Brown from Wolf Run

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Note: If you put your name on the waiting list then you will get an email inviting you to decide whether or not you are going to join in this hike a few days before the hike. The first 12 people who respond to that email will be listed as participants in the hike. Those who don't respond to the email will remain on the waiting list which will then operate as a normal waiting list.

I go on these hikes whether or not anyone else joins in, but I need to know if others are joining as I will wait at the trailhead for late arriving participants.

Last year a group of us hiked to the USGS benchmark on Mt. Brown from Route 343 in PA. We followed the NCT to the State line, then headed on north west bushwhack toward Mt. Brown.

Along the way we discovered a blazed trail to Mt. Brown, albeit a poorly selected path and one I found out later was not sanctioned by the Park.

At the top of Mt. Brown that unofficial blazed trail appear to continue northwest. The 1943 USGS map shows a trail from Wolf Run that climbs west to the top of the ridge, then heads south east to Mt Brown (and continues to Route 343.) I believe that this trail is part of trail described in the 1960's USGS approach to the Mt. Brown benchmark.

Thus, we should be able to follow it from wolf Run to Mt. Brown if we can locate the entry point and if there is parking available nearby. The total round trip mileage will be 6.5 miles.

A waiver of liability will be required. You can download it, sign it, then scan and return it to me by email, fax, or bring a signed copy with you to the hike. (Send me an email through the meetup system and request either the email address for a scanned copy or the fax number for a fax copy.) Here is the link to the release form: Release of Liability (

The planned track is shown in purple in the lower left corner of the ASP Explore Series map at this link (,-78.792845&t=t1&z=12)

I will have to scout the entry point from Wolf Run before selecting a date for this hike.


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