NOTE: Please RSVP here on this page as to what game you are going to play in! Failure to do so just may result in nobody knowing who you are, or even expecting you and losing a place in the game you want to play in.

This event is part of the Open Gaming Night hosted by SARPA.

Open Games (3PM)

John's Open Board Games
John's bringing a bunch of board games for anyone who is interested or bring your own games, too! Starts at 3pm

Closed Games

These games have a fixed list of players, and are not open to new players. If you would like to join one of these games, please contact the DM first.

Wesley's Pathfinder campaign "Doorways to Weirdness"
RSVP - Joe, Joshua

Jim's AD&D 1st ed. campaign "Secrets of Blackveil"
RSVP- JoAnne, Lee, Michael, Konrad, Kevin R

Christopher's Pathfinder campaign "Washed Away"