Taking suggestions for our 2019 books!!!

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    • It would be interesting to explore toxic masculinity, "MRA" (mens right activists) and the whole "incel" subculture..Robert Webb from Peep Show has a book "How Not to Be a Boy" but it doesnt get into MRA or incel...just toxic masculinity, specifically in the UK....any books that maybe address these topics?

      10 months ago
        • _Notes from 08/20 mtg_
          Potential Books: "The Fire Next Time" (James Baldwin); "Pachinko" (Min Jin Lee); "Ants Among Elephants" (Sujatha Gidla); "Behold the Dreamers" (Imbolo Mbue); "Fear" (Bob Woodward); "The Captive Mind" (Czeslaw Milosz); "The Assination Complex"(Jeremy Scahill); "The Warmth of Other Suns" (Isabel Wilkerson)
          Location Suggestions: Tipico, Caffe Aroma, Taste of Siam, Panera
          Leaders: December= Jessica; January=Rachel. Books/Locations TBD

          10 months ago
            • _Notes from 10/11 mtg:
              Potential books: "The Grand Illusion" , "The Women's Room" and "The Tin Drum"

              8 months ago