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After the foundation has been defined and in the process of being established, now we need to define the structure. Everyone is anxious to get started, but we still have some administrative things to handle. Don't worry there is a plan to keep most of you guys busy while this is accomplished. So if we are not just a meetup group, what are we? Do we include elements of lean start-up, crowd sourcing, crowd funding and other mechanisms into our structural model? What about compensation and equity? Entity formation anyone? Do we build platforms to wholesale to larger entities? Great questions that need answers and structure. Interim leadership, dedicated groups of legal, financial, and other experts will help us answer these questions, define and build the best business model that supports the communitiy's needs. Like the phenomenon of crowd sourcing, crowd funding and lean start-ups, I believe we are on the threshold of creating a new type of mechanism for collaboratively producing new mobile/web apps, services, and products. More details of this meetup will be available as initiatives progress. Meetup will be scheduled soon after the interim leadership team has established a functional framework for our business model.

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Build is a meetup group like no other, if you want to call it that. A community of entrepreneurs, startups, developers, designers and other professionals who want to collaborate, co-work and get things done together and on their own projects.

One idea, one team, one solution at a time is what it's all about. Conceptualize, design, develop and deploy a new app, web service or product every three weeks. Share in the fun, excitement and equity of the next big thing. No need to wait in line to pitch for a limited amount of spots to get your idea up and running. No need to pay to join a group of strangers for a few days hoping that you can put together something meaningful and move forward. Join our community of entrepreneurs, developers, creatives and other professionals to become the ultimate start-up. Join us on the frontline.

If Startups Central and it's satellite groups are many members with excellent ideas and skills, then this is the group of one great idea with many members to help plan, design and develop it.

I'd like to introduce BUILD. Another piece to the puzzle for those members who are ready to move fast forward to success and monetization.

Meet some of the interim leadership team.

The hardest thing for people to do is get their idea off the ground and find the resources they need. There are alternatives such as incubators, accelerators, VC’s, Angels, crowd sourcing, crowd funding, co-founders and the list goes on.

What if there was a group that just naturally did not need any of those methods to build great mobile/web apps and services (possibly other products), What if the group, using lean start-up principles and support from mentors to just build something off of an idea within a couple of weeks and launched it for shared equity?

After that project was completed, then they would repeat the process over, and over again, including assigning dedicated teams to manage the existing creations that are in production.

Would’t that be strangely awesome?

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