What we're about

Every company is a data company only if you can unlock, blend and handle the data.

Organizations that successfully generate business value from their data, will outperform their peers.
That's a fact.

By implementing data platforms, companies are able to do new types of analytics (like machine learning) over new sources like log files, data from click-streams, social media, and internet-connected devices stored in the data lake. Fantastic isn't it?

Attend our series of handout sessions and learn how to leverage your data!

To help you get started, Micropole (http://www.micropole.be)'s engineers will regularly during the year, give you the opportunity to learn the data lake basics on Amazon Web Services during hands-on workshops but also give you the opportunity to learn from best practices experienced during the realization of projects.

So stay tuned, and regularly check our events on Meetup and on Micropole's event page (https://www.micropole.be/en-be/news/events-list).

We are looking forward to meeting you at our forthcoming events and help you transform massive amounts of data into insights!

Should you be interested in any of our workshops but cannot attend, please feel free to contact Sophie Tahir, 0476/24 89 00.

Whom do this group and events address?

This group is addressed to IT specialists eager to learn and share what can be done with flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions that can be deployed in days.

- Business Analysts,
- Data Scientists,
- Data Engineers,
- BI developers,
- BI architects,
- Big Data developers,
- Big Data architects,
- BI project managers,

Anyone involved (current or future) in data exploration initiatives.


Before attending an event, we ask you to provide us with some additional information such as the name of the company you work at and your current position there. That way we can assure the quality of our events and make sure expectations are met for our attendees.
If this information is not available on your profile, we'll send you a quick message before confirming your participation to the event.

Learn more on Micropole's expertise in data (http://www.micropole.be/).

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