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This is a group for anyone that has an "app idea" and has no idea what to do about it.

This group is NOT for anyone that wants to learn how to program an app, deep technical or server architecture conversations. The organizer is happy to chat about things like that outside of this MeetUp, but wants this MeetUp to truly be for anyone, regardless of knowledge level or experience.

Let's get together and talk about what it takes to build an app business - not just an app. Many people build an app and then sit back and hope everyone uses it. Usually, 1 of 3 things happen.

1 - The app fails and never gets enough users to earn a profit so it can be further developed and earn the initial investment back.
2 - The app initially succeeds as 10's of 1,000's of people download it because it's awesome, but then fails as a business because you weren't prepared for the logistics of support, complaints, tech issues, user growth issues, rapid infrastructure growth problems, etc. You got lots of users, but pissed them off so someone went and created an app like yours but did better.
3 - The app succeeds because you realized that when you created your app - it is a product of your business and you still need to think about all the other things surrounding it as your flagship product such as HR, Investment, Customer Service, Accounting, Operations, etc.

This Meetup will be run by a team of mobile app business development experts and savvy entrepreneurs. Their experience with building multiple businesses over the last 21+ years that have relied heavily on tech has created a story that needs to be shared with you so your project has a better chance for success.

Come to this (mostly) weekly Meetup to learn about the various stages of building a business around an app or website, listen to some guest speakers about their experiences, and gain access to some valuable resources that can help give you a better chance at success!

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