From Natick Think: What does it mean to feel male/female/both/neither?

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Common Street Spiritual Center

13 Common Street · Natick, MA

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We meet upstairs in one of the available rooms. Look around, you will find us!

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As a society, we have come a long way from assigning certain attributes to certain genders. We are now more open to the notion that men can enjoy fashion/style, can be tidy, enjoy cooking and nurturing. Likewise, we understand that women can prefer math/science, not care so much about fashion or style, enjoy getting dirty and doing physical labor.

What, then, does it mean to "feel female", "feel male", or "feel both/neither"? What is it that you are actually feeling?

Let's get together in two weeks to share our personal feelings. Please note, I don't necessarily want this to turn into a discussion on policy (although you know that I am a very open moderator, and I understand the nature of communication often involves overlap); I am hoping to keep it to a personal exploration of what these feelings mean to us.