What we're about

A meetup for community professionals leveraging the power of place!

We are focused on developing a collective for sharing creative and practical topics at the intersection of people, culture, and workplace. We're interested in creating a forum to discuss supporting people and culture through events and environments.

What we're thinking about (and hope you are too!): (http://workdesign.com/2014/06/closing-gap-facilities-managers-community-managers/)

• Physical design and community building: Enriching social environment, soliciting feedback on all elements of work and space to make the full experience the best possible.
• With work becoming more social, what is a workplace but a space in which to grow, support, and incubate a truly productive community?
• Community management, facilities management, people resources, and, technology support are converging in practice. We look to explore the emerging professional impacts.

Some food for thought:

Meet Silicon Valley’s Little Elves
The Perk Bubble Is Growing as Tech Booms Again
The Future of the Community Industry
The Sharing Economy (http://www.wired.com/2014/04/trust-in-the-share-economy/)

This Meetup may interest you if your role/team identifies as (though we’re not about titles):

Workplace Services, People Impact, People Happiness Hero, Community Manager, Office Manager, Operations, something else entirely

Your workplace roles may include:

• activating space and community
• organizing events
• curating space management
• connecting members of your organization or workspace ,interdisciplinary - provoking interaction amongst facilities, real estate, human resources, events, administration, marketing, corporate communications, etc.
• being an advocate and ambassador for brand, workplace culture, and people

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Join CMX NYC on the Power of Community with David Spinks!

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Beekeeping Workshop & Lecture

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm Brooklyn Navy Yard

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