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We will introduce a powerful , easy technique anyone can learn to help you increase your self-confidence and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. This can result in greater happiness , increased Life Force, and ability to achieve your goals. You will learn to control your reactive mind!
This group is for the able who want to become more able.
Our events are interactive ie you are welcome, but not required, to share.
We will clearly demonstrate the source of your nightmares, fears, and painful emotion. You may schedule a free personal consultation following the live on-line meeting.
We'll hold regular free meetings at the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center in Cambridge , Hamilton and Toronto, organized by Paulette Layton. (Currently held virtually)

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Public Speaking with Confidence

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Do you ever lack self-confidence or get nervous in speaking with others? Do you encounter back-off in talking to groups or audiences?

Fortunately there are communication skills you can acquire that actually work. That’s what this meetup is about. We’ll cover tools you can use to help you:

*Increase your self-confidence.
*Connect with people and groups, and engage them more easily.
*Overcome nervousness and anxiety in talking in front of others.
*Gain important tips for public speaking.
*More easily be yourself and express yourself to others.

- Learn to be relaxed speaking before a group or crowd. Be a more
effective leader
- Connect better with the audience
- Improve the range of your voice and effect upon the audience

Communication is the foundation of living. It's a key skill to cultivate for your business or any personal endeavor. Your happiness depends on your ability to communicate!

Come to this Meetup. Along with regular members we welcome people
new in town. Everyone can benefit from this knowledge including those
wanting to achieve business and personal goals and successful

Our events are usually held at the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center but are currently held virtually.

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Public Speaking with Confidence

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