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This is a group for enthusiasts of the ancient Martial Arts.

The group is managed by the Bujinkan UAE school, solely official representative of the Bujinkan Dojo international association with headquarters in Japan.

Activities in this group cover all Japanese Martial art concepts and techniques included in the 9 traditional Japanese martial schools of the Bujinkan. These were united by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi Grandmaster and inheritor of the scrolls.

GYOKKO-RYU: (28th SOKE) - Kosshijutsu

TOGAKURE-RYU: (34th SOKE) - Ninjutsu

KUMOGAKURE-RYU: (14th SOKE) - Ninjutsu

GYOKUSHIN-RYU: (21st SOKE) - Ninjutsu

KUKISHINDEN: (28th SOKE) - Happo Bikenjutsu

SHINDENFUDO-RYU: (26th SOKE) - Dakentaijutsu

TAKAGIYOSHIN-RYU: (17th SOKE) - Jutaijutsu

KOTO-RYU: (18th SOKE) - Koppojutsu

GIKAN-RYU: (15th SOKE) - Koppojutsu

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