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What is nudism / naturism? The practice of going naked either alone or in social settings, without overt sexual behavior. We do many of the same fun activities others do every day, just without clothes! ie swimming, BBQing, loving craft beer (things like blind tastings and bottle shares), outdoor movies in the pool, outdoor yoga or meditation, among many other outdoor and indoor opportunities, as we have access to a safe, private, discrete space.

Naturism, or nudism, is not about sex or sexuality, and many of the same behavioral rules apply as in any other public social setting. We welcome everyone regardless of appearance, ethnicity, sexual orientation, piercings, religion, gender identity, etc. This group is for naturists of all kinds, from people who grew up with it, to people who would just like to see what it's about. We maintain an inclusive environment for everyone. Inappropriate conduct, whether sexual or boozy or whatever, will get you banned for life!

BEFORE YOU REQUEST TO JOIN: Please make sure to put some thought into our membership questions. We will not accept one to two-word answers on every question. Thanks!

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