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Bay Area Women's Self Defense Course
TANDEZ ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS WOMEN’S SELF-DEFENSE COURSE 8-Week Beginner Crash Course Objectives: 1. To introduce the strategy and tactics required to protect oneself against: § A single untrained, unarmed attacker § Multiple untrained, unarmed attackers § A single trained, unarmed attacker § Multiple trained, unarmed attackers § A single trained, armed attacker § Multiple trained, armed attackers 2. To teach you techniques (Expanding Your Toolbox) necessary to solve the problem. 3. To teach you the proper Skill Sets from which these techniques must come from. 4. To develop your Personal Attributes, such as: § Mental Awareness § Reaction Speed § Movement Speed § Functional Strength § Structural Strength § Stamina § Explosive Force § Timing & Rhythm § Footwork § Balance § Coordination § Line Familiarization 5. To develop your Mental and Emotional Areas: § Dealing with Confrontation § Sexual Harassment/Assault § Fighting Spirit § Managing Fear and Stress § Proper Mental State § Emotional Control WEEK 1 1. Intro to Jeet Kune Do – Empty Hands / Foot and Hand Techniques WEEK 2 1. Intro to Jeet Kune Do – Empty Hands / Close-Quarters / Trapping WEEK 3 1. Intro to Jeet Kune Do – Empty Hands / H.K.E. (headbutts, knees, & elbows) WEEK 4 1. Intro to Jeet Kune Do – Empty Hands / Grappling & Ground Fighting WEEK 5 1. Intro to Kali – Impact Weapons / Offense and Defense WEEK 6 1. Intro to Kali – Bladed Weapons / Offense and Defense WEEK 7 1. Intro to Kali – Flexible Weapons / Offense WEEK 8 1. Intro to Kali – Gun Defense / Defense BENEFITS 1. Women’s Self-Defense Program is $60 for all 8 weeks, which includes: a. Women’s self-defense class every Wednesday b. Add 1 Day of Unlimited Classes during the week – included! c. Free admission for two to 2 self-defense seminars ($240 value) d. One private 1-on-1 lesson (30 minutes) with an instructor – Free! To register, please contact us: Tandez Academy of Martial Arts 1931 Old Middlefield Way, Unit C Mountain View, CA 94043 Phone:[masked] / Email: [masked] / Website: (

The Tandez Academy of Martial Arts

1931 Old Middlefield Way #C · Mountain View, CA

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This meetup group offers training and support to women and young girls who want to protect themselves from attackers, bullies, and predators. Weekly meetings are taught by professional martial arts instructors who specialize in women's self defense. We discuss real-world scenarios in which Self-Preservation training will protect you and even save your lives. We introduce specific skills and techniques that apply to situations women face every day, such as sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying, rape prevention, sexual assault prevention, domestic violence, street crime, home invasion, abduction, and college campus crimes against women.

We serve women all over the San Francisco Bay Area including Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Gatos, Aptos, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Redwood City, Fremont, Milpitas, etc.

Non-profit organizations are welcome to schedule on-site seminars. In the past, our volunteers have conducted self defense workshops for Asian American Recovery Services, Girl Scouts of Los Altos, Women's Support Groups in San Jose, Quota Club, etc.

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