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Welcome to the Meetup page of Buona Vista Toastmasters Club (BVTMC)!

Buona Vista Toastmasters Club is one where there is team spirit, vibrancy, fun and laughter.

A home away from home, where members are like brothers & sisters caring for one another, helping each other achieve new breakthroughs in public speaking.

Note: we have since moved to FB Pages and this Group will no longer be actively managed. Ping and reach us at http://www.facebook.com/BuonaVistaToastmastersClub

RSVP with us here: http://buonavistatoastmastersclub.com/visit-us/rsvp/

Come visit us! We have also since moved to Zoom meetings!

*** Contact Details ***

Email: buonavistatmc@gmail.com (buonavistatoastmasters@gmail.com)

Visit our website: http://BuonaVistaToastmastersClub.com

Like our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/BuonaVistaToastmastersClub

*** More about us ***

District 80, Division U - Area U1 Club 5704

We meet every 1st Thursday evening of the month, unless otherwise stated

Venue: Buona Vista Community Center, Room 2-5

Block 36 Holland Drive Singapore 270036

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