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We gather weekly to read aloud 10 to 20 pages of members' scripts, and each member will have the opportunity to offer feedback. That's it. There are no classes, no presentations nothing to buy and absolutely nothing to sell.

Although we attract many industry professionals, if your only interest is socializing this is not the group for you. This is also not a place to seek emotional or financial support. We understand all too well the problems and hardships that come with being an aspiring writer, but this group is for reading and offering feedback only.


Writers' groups can be good and terrible. However common problems in some groups are related to overbearing personalities, ignorance and disrespect. To keep this group from turning into a nest of toxicity, we insist that everyone be respectful, objective and constructive.

That doesn't mean you won't hear some hard truths about your script. If you submit enough, you absolutely will. However, all criticism is focused on making your work better. The interest here is to help you more accurately convey your vision on paper.


If we observe disrespectful, bad behavior that person will be asked to leave immediately. We've been to other groups where one person is a cross to bear for everyone. Some are so bad, they even drive away members.

We have a zero-tolerance for disrespect. Once bad behavior is observed, that's it. We're not here to train people how to behave, we're here to be better writers.

The result after almost two years is a core group of serious writers, many of whom are working professionals in the industry. Some of our members have even ascended to become full-time professional writers. Not that this group had anything to do with their success, but this is the caliber of our core members.


We have designated the Burbank Screenwriters Workshop as a safe space for everyone. Meaning it is open and affirming to all members of society no matter their race, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation or immigration status.


In the almost two years since we've been here, it's never been an issue, and we are on the honor system here. However, if you plan to attend a meeting to "steal" another writer's work, don't. The reason? We have you clocked. We have proof of your attendance at the meeting where the theft would occur. In a WGA arbitration or lawsuit that would surely follow, that's pretty compelling evidence.


We start at 7 PM on Sundays. Please be on time.

If you RSVP but can't attend, please change your RSVP to the negative as soon as possible. You must change your RSVP, do not just no-show.

For sustainability, we ask you only join this group if you truly intend to attend meetings. Meetup bills us based on the size of the meetup, so no dead weight. If you RSVP twice and do not show up, you will be removed from the group.

If you don't intend to attend this group now but you think you may in the future, please consider joining our Facebook group instead: Burbank Screenwriters Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/605434769816442/)


Writers are welcome to bring ORIGINAL features, pilots, and specs. Absolutely no reimagining of original work or fan fiction.

*Shorts are allowed but require special permission. So if you have a short, then please contact the organizers and clear it prior to the meeting.

*If we only have a short number to read, we can possibly get through more than 20 pages, so please come prepared with additional pages.


We read material on a first come first serve basis. If you have material you want us to read, then simply write SCRIPT in the comments section. We typically post a new meetup on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but expect an email from the group alerting you to the event. If it seems like there are already too many people reserving scripts but you have material, we encourage you to reserve your spot anyway, as sometimes members do drop out.


After we read each script, members will have the opportunity to give and receive constructive feedback. Each member will receive a set amount of time to comment, and we use a timer to make sure no one person takes over. During feedback, we ask you to make no sweeping generalities and as always be constructive and respectful.


Writers receiving notes are expected to accept them graciously and with respect. You may disagree with the note and feel the need to defend or explain your script, but we ask that you resist this urge. Practically, the time you spend explaining yourself will eat into the commenter's time and you lose that feedback.

Feel free to ask the person to clarify their note if you don't understand it, but do not enter into a debate. If you think a comment is incorrect, we suggest you take it with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, it's only one person's opinion, but if someone doesn't understand a portion of your work, it may be something to examine.

We insist on this to keep things moving and because in a real-life scenario, you won't have the opportunity to argue for your work. If the reader, agent, manager or producer doesn't like it, they just toss it and say nothing.


There is NO censorship on content, so be prepared to possibly read/hear topics that you may find shocking, offensive or off-putting. Please leave your judgments at the door. 😉


Members attending two or more meetings are asked to donate ten dollars every six months to offset the cost that meetup charges us.

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