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Like poker? Love brisket? I host a fun home game on Wednesday nights - dealer calls, $1/$2 limit, most anything goes. Best - we are also meat lovers, so each week, I make meat - ribs or brisket in my smoker, Momofuku pork butt, Mississippi pot roast - the list goes on. It's a fun game with easy going guys - one's a top chef, one was CEO of a well known software company, you know how it goes around here. You can read about the game - there's a whole chapter in this book: The Speed of Sound: Breaking the Barriers Between Music and Technology: A Memoir (https://www.amazon.com/Speed-Sound-Breaking-Barriers-Technology/dp/1536648973). :). Here's a doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/15lZC_oaeix81eCq8zSgE6xRDd2soeHEMgMA9JO6YzAA/edit) that tells more detail about the game itself. One other thing - people smoke cigars at this game. No cigarettes. We play in my garage and I crack the door, so it doesn't get too smokey, but there is smoke.

I have a list of regulars, and I'm looking for some fresh meat (so to speak). The way this works is that I post the game to mailing list of regulars, and on Monday, if there are open seats, I'll post here. I will want to talk to you prior to you joining us to get to know you a bit and to help you understand what this is about so that you can decide if this will be fun for you.

Home games rock, and so do ribs!

Mark Gross

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