Demo of LittleRP Resin Printer (a $1,200 kit)


Location image of event venue


I recently purchased and assembled the LittleRP resin printer kit. The kit assembly took perhaps 3 hours, and the integration of the DLP projector took another hour. The prints I am making are pretty amazing, small but with high detail. Come on down to Generator to check it out.

The kit is $600 and the projector I purchased from NewEgg was under $600, so the whole thing came in under $1,200. I could have spent a little less, but I wanted a 1080p projector, rather than a 720p.

This meeting will take place during the Generator's Members Meeting. I might just be printing the whole time and answering questions. The Members Meeting is a pot luck; feel free to bring a food donation or a cash donation. If neither, then please do not eat their food!

Sorry this group has been so inactive, but there has not been a lot to discuss. I hope to see all of the old faces on the 11th, and perhaps some new ones.