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HOW IS IT, EXACTLY, THAT WE CREATE REALITY? Come explore Leading Edge thought! From Abraham-Hicks and Bashar to Quantum Scientist Joe Dispenza and other great thinkers like Mike Dooley and Bruce Lipton, we come together to discuss How We Get What We Get In Life. Specific topics such as: MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS, LOVE, DEATH, SEX, FAMILY, CAREER, SPIRITUALITY, TIMING, YOUR PURPOSE, PASSIONS, DIET and EXERCISE, EMOTIONAL BALANCING, METAPHYSICS, PARALLEL REALITIES, UNSEEN ENERGIES, ETs, ALIEN LIFE FORMS, STAR SYSTEMS, ETC. ETC. are all up for discussion; nothing is off limits. Each week we will watch or listen to a different clip and then discuss as a group. Questions are invited from all as we allow and develop an ever higher level of personal understanding. Finally! A way to figure out how to apply all this to YOUR life and YOUR specific circumstances!

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! DONATIONS APPRECIATED to help cover the cost of the meeting facility.

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