What we're about

Hello! Members of this group are brought together not by interest in a certain activity or hobby but rather by personality and temperament. Our purpose is to bring together like-minded people in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage you to investigate what it's like to be a sensitive person and an empathic person. Some in the group may also identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and some may identify as introverts. We encourage you to investigate these concepts as well since they are sometimes misunderstood.

Our social events will vary in form but we will strive to meet in surroundings that suit our temperament. We generally gravitate towards emotionally intimate connections as well as deep and meaningful conversation. We will endeavor to be in tune with those members for whom too much conversation can be overstimulating and draining: therefore some events may be brief or perhaps take the shape of something subdued like a movie or perhaps a fusion of conversation and quietness to achieve a necessary balance.

The following are a few examples of traits pertaining to sensitives and empaths:

>>> a proclivity towards kindness

>>> possessing a delicate appreciation for others' feelings and attitudes

>>> ability to tune into others' needs

>>> possessing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another

>>> good listeners who hear others with an open, non-judgmental mind

>>> intuitive, observant, thoughtful

If you can connect with some of these qualities then you may enjoy our group.

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Sunset at Overlook Park, South Burlington

Overlook Park

Oakledge Park social gathering

Oakledge Park

Mindfulness on Waterfront

in front of the Echo Center

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