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This is a group for small business owners with an online presence to learn from each other -- what's working, what have you tried that isn't working, share contacts about consultants and vendors who do a great job, etc.

Whether you also have a brick & mortar presence or are 100% online, if you get leads and/or generate revenue online, you know the challenge. Google twitches and your revenue falls off; what worked great 2 years ago no longer works, etc.

You also know how lonely it can be, as a small business person or solo entrepreneur. This is not a group for selling your skills directly, although SME's are welcome to join and attend in the spirit of sharing and helping.

I do not hold myself out as a digital marketing expert. I am a solo entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience generating leads & direct sales online. I'm hoping to connect with other like-minded business owners who are open to sharing what works for them and learning from others. Looking for an attitude of "a rising tide lifts all boats," rather than fear & competition based behaviors.

What this group will do -- plan to meet monthly. We'll start at my office in Burnsville. If we get bigger, then we'll find other locations or rotate to other folks' places. We'll find out what the biggest concerns are for each of us. We'll share our own experiences and resources; at some point perhaps have experts come in to talk if the group gets large enough for that. The overall idea is to form business friendships where we can help each other by pooling our knowledge. If this sounds good to you, please join!!

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