The Future of Enterprise A.I

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a fascinating concept of science fiction for decades, however, many researchers these days think we are finally getting close to making AI a reality. In the last year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved at a break-your-neck speed towards changing today's businesses in ways we can not even imagine. Some call it the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", an era in which advancements in automation and AI. advancements will augment AI in businesses, thus, creating a new digital workforce, one that will change businesses forever.

We are at a technological crossroad these days, one that makes ask fundamental questions about our future, as a business, in the .A.I era:

How much do we really know about the way A.I. will change our business?
How are we, as a business, must prepare for it?
How big of an impact A.I technologies already have on our business today without us realizing it?

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