Transforming the Way We Work with Agile People Practices


This meet-up will comprise of an‘art of the possible’ sessions presented by Anna Marriott. We are really grateful to QA ( for hosting the event and providing refreshment.
How will HR effect change and add commercial value in the increasingly complex workplace of the future?

We know that business agility is critical to success, but how do we know that our people and the experience they have at work are really creating value that enables and promotes that agility?

Best practice is dead! Agile HR is the HR profession’s response to the increasing speed and complexity of work and life and puts the employee experience at the heart of design and delivery. Agile HR takes the mindset, values and methods of Agile and translates them into innovative HR practices that help to solve complex problems, enable organisational transformation and promote agile leadership and collaboration.

Join this session with Anna Marriott to learn how to reinvent people practices in your business so they truly add value and explore real-life examples of organisations that successfully use Agile HR.


Anna Marriott

Anna is an experienced HR practitioner, executive and team coach and facilitator. From her first role 20 years ago as HR Administrator in a chocolate factory, she has consistently strived to solve organisational challenges by building empathy with all levels of employees and designing user-friendly HR products and services that people will actually use. She’s been told she brings energy, positivity and insight to her work; she’s curious about people and a strong believer that motivated and engaged people produce great results. She facilitates change by bringing insights, self-awareness and a greater understanding of the far-reaching impact of the human experience within organisations.

She has worked in-house and consulted at senior level, coached senior leaders and facilitated teams, working with global brands in tech, retail, media and communications. She also works as an HR Consultant with one of the country’s leading employment law firms.

Anna is a certified Agile HR Practitioner and Licensed Trainer, is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, holds a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching and an International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate from the Academy of Executive Coaching. She is trained in strengths coaching and has a BA(Hons) in Business Management.

Anna is super interested in how to build the successful organisations of the future, systems thinking, psychology and leadership, but is most passionate about evolving the HR profession. She believes we are at a crucial tipping point where we should be pioneers in bringing the human experience back into work in a way that truly adds business value.