What we're about

Really simple concept since there wasnt one existing on meetup:

we wanted to encourage a gathering with peers where no one will try to sell you on anything, or get your email for some profit plan - not even the organizers. No hob nob get your stack of business card ready type energy.

just a peer to peer time to relax, check out a cool cafe/have appertivo time and chat, share and collaborate about business, SEO, websites, and strategies in a light and warm open way - to build community and co-work together at various places for no charge.

co-working opportunities can be posted by members

A group for: those who have or are interested in online business aspects, as well as traditional ones. Digital course creators, and digital nomad- entrepreneurs.

Please no selling or promoting of anything to this group- NO MLM, No life coaching, No Bitcoin, No seminar sales. This is a peer or peer group and no promotions or recruiting will be entertained.

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