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Welcome to Business Canberra, a community of business owners growing and supporting each other.

We are a group of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Influencers and Thinkers.

It doesn't not matter where you are with respect to the maturity of your business or your experience in business - all that matters is that you have made that commitment to self to execute a higher standard of living through business. Business has its ups and downs, its challenges, stressors, obstacles and frustrations - however, these must be accepted, embraced and acted upon with integrity, intention and discipline - then, and only then will you reap the benefits of all that in which you sow.

Business Canberra host a number of events:

Monthly Social Meetup - Come along to this event held in locations around Canberra to meet other like minded people and support each other in your business adventure.

2019 Initiative - Creating a group of businesses that can leverage off one each others services and expertise in a mutually accepting term of agreement for service offering, whilst mutually helping to advertise each others business opportunities and networking.

Group sponsor - For members that are active in Business Canberra there is the option to be a Sponsor of the Group. Sponsorship will enable access to monthly virtual meetings, ability to promote your events through Business Canberra and your business will be promoted regularly through Business Canberra Social Media accounts. For more information contact Rob.

Business Leadership and Optimisation Mentoring - The opportunity to hold a dedicated 1 on 1 Business Leadership and OptimisationConsultation to help drive performance and successful pursuits in both your business and personal lives - FREE as a gift of being within this community. Find out more - Contact Rob

If you are interested in knowing more, come join us or contact Rob Parry on 0418855904 or rob@thehumanaffect.com.au

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