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Welcome to the Business Clinic @ The Studio’s Meetup – curated exclusively for founders of start-up, scale-up and freelance businesses. Founded and organised by The Studio, we'll explore the fundamentals of building and growing a successful business and provide you with the resources needed to help launch and grow your business.

This group is ideally but not exclusively for; people who want to start or grow their new business and need a more holistic view of their business and secondly, for those people who are already in business and want to expand.

Meeting monthly, our goals are to provide information in a workshop style, brainstorm, share challenges, and offer feedback in a professional and supportive environment. Our workshops will introduce you to the fundamentals of the modern business strategies. It'll challenge you to critically assess your business and understand what risks and opportunities your businesses may face

The Business Clinic really is the perfect environment to meet entrepreneurs, small business owners, or people interested in exploring starting a new business.

If you are currently a small business owner, are thinking of starting a new business, or just want to network with entrepreneurs and other business professionals, join our Meetup and sign-up for our monthly Business Clinic @ The Studio workshops, Pitch Clinics @ The Studio or Camden Networking @ The Studio evenings.

We provide the following types of events:

1) Boot Camps - Start-up and Scale-up

2) Networking - Organic and enjoyable way to build and grow your network

3) Pitch Clinics

4) Workshops - personal, emotional, spiritual development and much more......

Join us, gain the best actionable knowledge to make your business strategy and vision work for you as well as the encouragement to help you grow and sustain your business!

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