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-------------------------- Find YOUR Business Date A Unique & Exciting Way !! ---------------------------------

A Group for Creative People Who Want to Start their Own Business


VIMP:- Please go through the following to get a clear understanding about the functioning of the group.

Also, after you send your joining request, call me / SMS me your contact number (On 95528 24848) .

ONLY THEN you will be added to the group.

This is required as we are NOT using meetup website messaging mechanism to convey the next plan and any further communication...


For whom the group is of interest?

With START UP fever rising in India, you could also be among those dreaming to kick off your new business...

You may want to start new business with a full time commitment or you may have decided to get started by doing it initially along with your current occupation which may be your job or even an existing other business...

It is a forum helping you find your perfect business date!

It would help you

---- find partner/s if you are thinking of starting new business in any field !


---- find and add partner/s to your existing business!

Irrespective of your field of business (IT, Engg, Art, Education, Advertising/Branding etc), one of the "Key Requirements & Challenges" to be successful in business is "Finding Right Partners"...and this is precisely the platform is for.

This is very unique group or a platform for its objectives and functioning..

Like you are looking out to team up with the "right person/s", there are others in the similar hunt..This platform or forum will bring all such people together..

It is like any matrimony forum where there is no permanent membership...After getting a partner, one leaves. New people continue to come in while this is all happening!


With so much encouragement & support in India for startups now, there are many people who have some creative business ideas, interested in founding their own startup and looking out for partners to get started. There are many who are not willing to openly disclose their idea in a public forum for the obvious reasons..

Many people think of forming a team by talking to “friends” and exploring the possibilities of people showing interest.. This way may be easy, but, it has its serious problems..

Although it may be okay to join hands with someone you get along well, but, don't they say “never mix friendship with business!”? The order of priority while looking for a prospect should ideally be (1) Someone with – either complimenting or strengthening your skills OR bringing different things on table and THEN (2) a personality which would vibe well with you.

Only then the partnership becomes effective and joyous.. Going the other way round leaves you with not only very limited options, but, it often turns out to be a literally futile business…

What is core & unique functioning of this group ?
Let us get started the following way:-

• Anyone looking out for partner/s, for his/her new startup / existing business can become a member of this group and continue to be a member till the time partner hunt is on.

• This forum would organize meets with a pre-announced 2/3 broad areas of focus for that meet for e.g. IT, Food, Advertising/Branding, Art etc. Every meet will have different set of focus areas.

• People interested in getting partners in that area can pay for that meet and attend the meet.

• The attendees will be divided into area-wise groups. Each person will then introduce himself with his background and what he is looking out for (without disclosing the core/details of the idea, if he feels so).

• Members can then mingle with each other; can have one-on-one with the persons they feel interested in and know more about them. On increasing the comfort level & interest, they may selectively reveal a little more about their idea of the business to some people..

• People can of course exchange contact numbers and continue their interaction even outside the forum once initial interest in someone is generated.

• On meeting your perfect business date and on deciding to enter into a long term business relationship with him/her, one may then leave the group..

Are there any other supportive activities ?

In addition to above core activity, a small session of brainstorming discussion on topics of common interest for all entrepreneurs can be arranged. This will also help in people knowing each other.

Talks of successful businessman, investors, marketers etc addressing the general challenges and approaches of starting & managing new business could also be arranged.

What NEXT ?

Fill up the simple form and send your joining request.

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