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Have you ever thought of the fact that the Business environment of Europe is getting congested and you seek new ways of expanding your business to the Africa continent where there are abundant resources and cheap labor force.
This is a platform where entrepreneurs, startups, Investors meet and discuss new business opportunities that lies between the two continents. This platform is under the sponsorship of the Europe-Africa Development Initiative (Eurafrik) which is a win-win platform to bring investors together for Business diplomacy and technological transfer. Here, entrepreneurial driven people can meet, discuss business ideas, increase network, meet future business partners, collaborate and even start business together.
Trust is number one. Some of our members are young entrepreneurs, whilst others are well experienced serial entrepreneurs. Regardless merits, experience and sex everybody is welcome to join the group and share ideas and network.
****All kinds of new and old, crazy and boring, thinkable or unthinkable ideas are welcome as far as they create a true value to the customers and make the world a better place.

Some guidelines:
+You have a Business idea that you want to get started in Africa or Europe and dont know how to go about it, we can help you initiate that idea.
+You are a producer of goods and services and you want to sell your products to the African Market, we can help you regardless of the country you want to enter into or the market.
+You are interested in seeking new business opportunities in Africa and you want to partner with investors, we can help you achieve that.

Rules and Guidelines:
+ This is a member-run community. If you have ideas for meetups and want to host them, let us know.
+ It's NOT cool to make people uncomfortable at the sessions. This isn't a "singles" group per se, but you are obviously welcome to make any new social connections you want. Most importantly, bring a fun & welcoming attitude.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

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