What we're about

I've created this group because I'd love to meet people in Slovenia with similar interests. The purpose of this group is to help non-native English speakers improve their confidence when communicating in English at work. But as I also have a love for marketing, I'd like us to also exchange marketing ideas while we practice our English conversation skills.

Who should join?
If you're interested in improving your English around a glass of beer or wine, if you need English for work and want to become more confident communicating in English or if you're merely interested in chatting about digital marketing and the English language, this is for you. This is a very informal meetup group that is open to everyone.

What will you do at your events?
We will meet in a bar or cafe in Ljubljana and each meetup will be focused around a topic. This will give guidance to our chat but who knows which direction we will go in. The aim is to create a friendly group where we exchange ideas, meet new people, and help each other in an informal way to improve our business English communication & digital marketing skills.

Got any ideas of topics you'd like to talk about. Please let me know and we can organise a meetup!

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