What we're about

Our mission is to create a high level learning environment to develop communication skills that:

• invite diverse thinking,

• engage in difficult conversations,

• learn from one another, and

• confront prejudices and inequities on the personal and organizational levels

Action Learning -- A Powerful Tool for Developing Leaders, Solving Problems, Building Teams and Transforming Organizations.

Develop a global mindset through Action Learning- Not from a book or not in a classroom!

ACTION Learners are Ambitious and try to practice what they learn in the "real" world.

ACTION Learning Business English Workshops offer members a chance to:

Practice Business English- much less expensive than Eikaiwa

Learn Business Skills- better than MBAs

Participate in Highly Interactive and High Level Business Discussions- every week

Many of our members:

Are interested in better understanding important Business theories, tools, methods

Are working in a foreign company

Are considering working in a foreign company

Have a foreigner for a boss

Have foreign members in their team

Our goal is to offer the best way for individuals in Tokyo to obtain real-world business communication and management training in English.


Because we are a group of experienced international business professionals who have many years of experience working in business in Japan. We want to share our industry knowledge and cross-cultural experience in truly innovative ways which are not available through traditional schools and "Eikaiwa".

Our actively participating members are generally Japanese and foreign professionals who are striving to improve their English communications skills for business and investing. BUT we also have a number of younger members who have just entered the working world.

Train in English with Tokyo`s best Business Professionals

Don't expect boring lectures! Be prepared to take ACTION

We don`t "give lectures" we want our members to be able to practice techniques until they feel they have mastered a skill.

One of our primary purposes is to help all members of our group to succeed in business. Starting with those members who are considering a new career or a career change and want to work in a foreign company. Our seasoned international executives can help members work on their Resume and Interviewing skills in English. We also run lectures in which participants can learn relevant business theory. After learning the theory we also give members ample opportunity to build related business skills through instructor lead discussions and workshops.

As the saying goes, "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish and he eats for the rest of his life".

For example, its one thing to learn that SWOT Analysis stands for STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS but unless members get a chance to participate in an actual SWOT Analysis workshop or better yet, facilitate their own SWOT Analysis meeting they will not truly be able to put the theory into practice.

Our heroes are globally-minded change agents.

We strive to be:

Accountable, Highly Influential and Strategically Inquisitive and Transparent

We practice an approach for mutual communication and learning called "High Advocacy and High Inquiry"

What is High Advocacy and High Inquiry?

I state my thinking, I inquire into your thinking, and I encourage you to question my thinking.

Its simple to explain but hard to do consistently.

Come and try it out!

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