What we're about

Business is all about making the right decisions and choosing the right choices.

Every person who manages a business for own self (An entrepreneur) or a business unit manager or a CXO needs to make a lot of decisions every single day of their business life. Many of those decisions impact on the short term. But some of those even small decisions make a huge impact in the long term.

Every now and then we ask ourselves

Are we doing the right thing?
Have we set the goal right?
Are we on the right path towards the goal?

During our business lives, there are some big decisions to be made, those that we know will change our lives altogether. Some are to choose the right strategy and some are to choose the correct direction.

Is there any different line of through?
Are we sure we don't have any other choice?
Can we have a person outside of our circle think on our behalf?

But all these are not for taking only, we have the responsibility to give back what we learnt from the past. We rescue someone not to make the same mistake again.

The only way you can take is to give. The best way we can learn is to teach.
And this is what we are going to do in BMN (Business Mentor Network).

Who can Join?

You are an entrepreneur.
You want to be an entrepreneur
You are managing part of the business of a company (A Div. Manager/CXO)

Condition to join

Be a mentor to someone
Accept someone to be your mentor.

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