Business Networking Redefined (The Bronx)
Business Networking Redefined (The Bronx)
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Needs a location


Join me online for our next Real Networking ONLINE meeting on Thursday, March 26th at 8pm.

Register for the Zoom call here:

You’ll meet new people, talk about your business, and schedule follow-up conversations. Best of all, we’ll use the same familiar format as our in-person events.

If you choose to join us, please observe the following guidelines:
• Find a quiet location without background noise
• Turn on your video so that others can see you
• Commit to attend without distractions: avoid driving, walking, or multitasking
• Be prepared to share a link to your LinkedIn profile, instead of business cards
Let’s honor social distancing to keep our communities and loved ones healthy.
Let’s embrace authentic networking to help keep our businesses healthy.