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Want more success? Then Keep Learning!!!

Studies have repeatedly shown that the most successful business owners are those who are constantly learning new ideas. The good news is there are lots of great business books out there - the challenge for most of us is finding the time to actually read them.

That's where Business Owner Business Book Reviews come in. This is a regular event where you can pick up the key ideas and themes from a great business book...and get some ideas on how to start applying those to your business right away.

And the best part? You don't even need to read the book! We'll cover the key points, have a great group discussion and get you on your way. You'll walk out with a several page summary, some new knowledge and introductions to like-minded business owners and CEOs who also want to learn and be successful!

We start at 8:00am with introductions, then get into the book and a discussion, ending at 9:30.

It's kind of early - but we'll have coffee and breakfast for you and you'll be back to your business, smarter, happier and better looking than you were before (well at least smarter and happier)!

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Review the book, "Profit First"

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