What we're about

"What would be possible if the people around you refused to let you fail?" - Kenyan Proverb

"None of us is as smart as all of us." - Ken Blanchard

"Success comes to those who become success conscious." AND "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed."
- Napoleon Hill

This group is for business owners, independant contractors, and entrepreneurs. The primary goal is to become a vital support system for each other, and to share ideas with each other on how to be more successful in business and in life.

We will have one representative from each type of business, without overlap. This will make it easier to achieve non-competing goals as business professionals, and to practice open and honest sharing with complete confidentiality.

My field is real estate. We also have an acupuncturist, a financial services expert and a business coach. Any other field is welcome to try this group out to see if it might be a fit for a longer term commitment. This list includes the following fields:
- Attorneys with various specialities
- Tax professional
- Plumber
- Electrician
- Handy person
- Marketing Specialist
- Fitness business owner / personal trainer
- banker
- commercial loan officer
- business owners of any kind other than what is mentioned above

These are the key deliverables we will build on as a mastermind group:

Holding each other accountable:
- What would your business look like right now if you had a team of people focused on helping you achieve your goals? How much more successful would you be if you had that solid foundation of support beneath you right now to help you surmount challenges and work through whatever is blocking you to achieve greater success?

Supporting each other through brainstorming:
- Are you looking for objective feedback on a new marketing idea, new market idea, or difficult staffing issue?
- Is there something difficult or painful going on inside your business that would benefit from a confidential group brainstorm?
- Do you have a concept you need a focus group to weigh in on?

Sharing market information:
- The market is shifting. New opportunities will present as a result. Old models of doing business will change, and become less viable. As a team, we can support each other on how to adapt and respond to these changes more rapidly, to achieve greater stability and success.

Leveraging the expertise of Group Members:
- Are you wondering how best to finance a business expansion or commercial real estate acquisition or new staff position?
- Are you in need of legal, accounting, real estate or financial advice?

Lead Referral
- As we get to know and trust each other, leads will naturally follow. As the group grows and solidifies, we may decide to implement a structured lead referral process.

I've been a member of structured groups like BNI, and I believe some aspects of a structured format add value for members.

These are the primary rules of the group:

Commitment to attend regularly.
- A mastermind only works if each member has a commitment to participate.
- Meetings will occur bi-weekly in the morning, with some breaks during holiday periods. That's an overall commitment of about 20 meetings per year. If that's not feasible for you, this group is not a fit.

Giving philosophy.
- The giving philosophy is based on the principles of reciprocity. For networking groups, it means focusing as much attention on helping fellow group members as you would expect to be focused on you.

Strict confidentiality.
- Group members will be expected to practice strict confidentiality around anything that is discussed during mastermind sessions.

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Bi-weekly Meeting

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Bi-weekly Meeting

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