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Business Networking and Referral Organization @ Blue Water Grill
Contact us to verify that your industry classification is not already represented in our chapter. Just one person from each professional category can represent their business in our Chapter. Please click on the link to register. You may contact the Chapter's President J.P. Scott[masked] for additional information. Come prepared by bringing plenty of business cards. You will be handing them out to dozens of potential referral partners. Lunch is $20 at the door we accept cash check or CC. Blue Water Grill is gracious enough to let us use their meeting space upstairs every week. All they ask is that our attendees commit to buying a lunch. This guarantees and secures our meeting space and helps grow their business which is what we at Camelback Alliance are all about. We are always looking for someone to fill the seat of our absent members, so show up early (11:15am) and check with the President and Vice President when you arrive and see how you can help. Hint: Substitutes who fill in for our members get free lunch! You will still be able to network and give your 60 second commercial. Your 60 Second Commercial: Think of a way to describe your prefect referral in 30 seconds. This is a way to educate and train our members on how to bring you more business. Your 30 second commercial would sound like this if you had and an HVAC company. "A perfect referral for me would be anyone who is having trouble programming their thermostat and would like to upgrade it in order to save money on their electric bill". Also think of a catchy tag line to help us better remember you such as, "We keep your thermostat and your wallet feeling comfortable" Q.A. How many times can I visit? Non members are allowed to visit 2 times before submitting a pending application. Who is allowed to join? To promote your business at Camelback Alliance or to join we require that you are in a category of business that is not currently represented by another member. Only one member from each category is allowed to join. Once a member joins, that seat and business category is locked out to other visitors from joining the group and representing your category. How much does it cost to visit? You are only required to purchase lunch $20 at the door. After 2 visits you may join pending an application process. Call our Vice president for information on annual membership dues. How can I become a permanent member? Visit our chapter! During your visit you can submit an application. Why should I join? Because you want to grow your business! You will develop a network of professionals whom you can refer to and build relationships. Last year our chapter passed just under a million dollars in referral business. Click on the link to be directed to our website that will provide contact information and additional info.

Blue Water Grill

1720 E Camelback Rd · Phoenix, AZ

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This group is for anyone interested in growing their business through word of mouth referral networking. Referrals often have a higher closing rate and a higher lifetime value than clients achieved through other marketing sources. Referrals passed in this group are more than just "leads". These are actual people who are in need of your services and have already been educated on your services by someone in your referral network. Just last year our group alone passed over three quarters of a million dollars in referral business! Businesses that were once struggling startups are now thriving because of the help of this chapter. If you are new to referral networking then this chapter is perfect for you. BNI has a proven method for training new business owners on the art of referral networking though the practice known as Givers Gain. Basically the more you bring to our group, the more invested you are in building the relationships that are going to help you grow your business, the more you will get out of it. Come out to our chapter! Make friends and get some business! We meet for Lunch every Tuesday 11:30am at Blue Water Grill located on Camelback Rd. just west of the 51 Freeway.

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