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5/16 | How to Not Take it Personally | networking event & business skills lab

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Hosted by Business Women of Silicon Valley

Would you like to significantly reduce your stress by not personalizing situations and interactions? The challenge is our default is to make it about us. Join us to learn what's business and what's personal and how to better navigate the two. Friday May 16
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
at the Success Center
875 Maude Ave (at 237)
Mt. View

Connect with a Diverse Group of Business Women | no more loneliness nor business lone rangers Increase your Business Confidence | learn Business Mode...the professionalism, language and appropriateness of business Refine your Professional Brand | incorporate better communication, productivity and partnership in how you are to work with

It's a Networking Event
Meet more people through Personable Business® Introductions, a structured networking process. It's a Business Skills Lab
We'll explore various nuances, tendencies and needs of business interactions. click here for more details and to register how much *
$40 pre-registration | $30 BWSV members
$55 day of & at the door
continental breakfast included register here *

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Kristy Rogers
Business Women of Silicon Valley

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